Upon the sleeping villagers of Krotzlocke Hollow beckons a looming darkness that entraps the unfortunate in horrific nightmares that seek claim them. Is this a curse? A demon? A plague?
...Or perhaps something more.

Few have survived this phenomenon and even less have managed to seek refuge in the sole resource they have left - a curious witch doctor who lives alone outside the town. Rumors tell of this individual being one of the only Dreamweavers left who could break the curse. Though it seems they have long-since left their profession as a practitioner of dreams and lives among the dark swamps of Blackwater Bayou. However, it is not long before this curse reaches it's dark hand over their one hope himself.


In desperation, Somn's quest for the truth lies in the dreams of those who've become the next targets of this dreaded plague in order to save the very heart of all dreams:

The Stream of Dreams

Will you vanquish
the nightmares?

Or succumb
to them?



Among the creatures of Blackwater Bayou, Somn lives quietly in seclusion within his self-built ramshackled hut looming over the dark swamp waters. Upon his retirement as a witch doctor, Somn took to his growing collection of books to indulge his fascination with The Stream of Dreams - the nexus by which all dreams connect. There perhaps lies secrets to the subconscious mind and gateways to surreal worlds yet unknown. He also enjoys fishing.
Having wandered many towns leaving no coins behind, Nere prided herself a cunning gypsy woman. Her older sister seeing this behavior as lowly thievery and wishes she'd simply stay out of trouble.
Nere's reckless abandon and greed having brought the
sisters under the curse of a rather unforgiving witch which, in turn, gave them their current appearance.

Once a renknown fortune-teller turned sea monster alongside her sister, Nere, by the hand of a resentful witch. Upon this curse, the Nereida Sisters were chased out of their village and forced
into hiding taking refuge in Blackwater Bayou. It was here
that the sisters met Somn, in whom Reida remains confident
may some day return both of them to their original forms.

Don't let him hear you call him that. It's "Boggarth Frode Warton III", thank you kindly - although no one really calls him that. Previously an average toad somehow turned scholarly thanks to one of Somn's experiments gone wrong. Although Bogg doesn't recall this and instead believes he always possessed such "wisdom and charisma". Despite his cranky demeanor, Bogg is always by Somn's side for some reason or another chronicling their endeavors.

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Insomnism is an indie-developed action-adventure 3D platformer inspired by early 2000's games such as "Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus" and "Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc".

As a witch doctor, the game features exploration of The Stream of Dreams, the heart of all dreams, and some of the Dreamscapes that connect to it. Platforming takes the primary focus of gameplay with light puzzle elements as you navigate and battle your way through surreal and abstract environments constructed by the dreams of your patients. Armed with your trusty fishing rod and magick voodoo powers, you will combat twisted monsters and rabid foes that would like nothing more than to snuff you out! Show-stopping bosses will test your fast reflexes and wit as you dodge and turn the odds in your favor to bring them down.

Levels of the game are broken up by the individual patients' Dreamscapes that you enter- The Stream of Dreams acting as a hub world of sorts allowing for replayability and new worlds opening up as you encounter each new key patient throughout the story. Outside of the dream worlds, you can explore the town of Krotslocke Hollow where many of the story elements take place.

Will you solve the mystery and break the curse?
INSOMNISM © Austin Hodge